Two dimensions (2D) and three dimensions (3D) spatial modelling are the foundation for a large number of application fields such as virtual reality, geographic information, spatial information, computer graphics, robotics and image processing. The technology, which is developed in these se applications areas, is widely employed by a large number of business sectors such as cancer treatment planning, computer gaming, geographic information system, and simulation. Examples are computation of motion in space, visualization of internal organs, and search and rescue.

Devron Technologies Inc. (DTI) concentrates on two parallel research lines:

  1. 2D/3D foundation technology - the foundation technology sees that invention design, development and implementation of techniques and algorithms for creation, manipulation, and visualization of geometrical objects in 2D and 3D.
  2. Medical technologies - in this research line DTI focuses on the development of technology for the medical field. Currently DTI is working on a number of technologies for cancer treatment and ECG patient monitoring.

Foundation Technology

  1. Raster and Vector Overlay
  2. Shortest Path
  3. Intersection algorithms
  4. Polygonization
  5. Image Processing
  6. Constraint Triangulation

Medical Technology

  1. Cancer Treatment
    1. IMRT
    2. Tomotherapy
  2. Robotics
  3. Tele-health
    1. Pervasive Computing
    2. Skin Cancer Detection
    3. Multiple Sclerosis Lesions Tracing