Three Dimensional Object Contouring Technology

The success of cancer treatment using radiation beam heavily relies on the ability to correctly identifying the tumour(s). Images from Computed Tomography (CT) scans are the most commonly used tool for identifying and locating internal tumours. However, since tumours are made of a soft tissue, it is often hard to distinguish between a tumour and the surrounding internal organs. Therefore, delineating the boundary of a tumour is often a difficult and delicate. Similar problems arise when one needs to delineate the boundary of internal organs (e.g., heart, prostate) which may be at risk during radiation denoted as Organs at Risk (OAR). On one hand one would like to ensure that the whole tumour is captured by the contour line, which depicts the tumour, while minimizing the amount of healthy tissues that is included within the contour line that defines the tumour.

DTI's 3D contouring technology enables users to significantly improve the quality of contour lines which describe the different OARs and the tumour(s). This is accomplish by allowing users to view the 3D representation of a tumour or an organs from a variety of angles by slicing through the object and then editing the object on the corresponding generated CT slice.